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Java Script Alert Color Issue


Copy and paste your text into the textarea select it and then click that image. The closest you could get would be to modify the HTML document via the DOM to display the message instead of using an alert(). What am I doing wrong? I have the form validation working perfectly in IE 6, firefox and netscape but I have used alert box messages and after all my effort, I then found I couldn't make Source

Cheers Cheryl Kravvitz 2005-03-07 08:25:13 UTC #15 Oops, I guess I should have tested it by actually putting text in the fields. Posts: 96 Thanks: 0 Thanked 0 Times in 0 Posts change text colors in an javascript Alert? It has to be crossbrowser compliant in later browsers and the code must validate according to standards. What went wrong and what could have been done better?

How To Change Color Of Alert Box In Javascript

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